Dieser Personal Trainer ist 2 Meter groß und das Internet dreht durch!

Das Internet sucht ja ständig nach seinem nächsten großen Star und prompt ist das nächste Opfer schon gefunden. Naja, wenn es denn so will, denn dieses Mal trifft es Danny Jonas, der vor allem mit seiner Körpergröße besticht. 

Ja, das Internet hatte seinen heißesten Mathelehrer, den süßesten Tierarzt und einen bärigen Nacktkoch. Nun kommt Danny Jones! Er ist Personal Trainer (ja, das sieht man) in Kalifornien und knapp über 2 Meter groß, weswegen das Internet nun durchdreht, nachdem Fotos von ihm auf Twitter die Runde machten. 560.000 Follower hat seine Instagram Seite seitdem schon und ich wette, das war erst der Anfang. 

Don’t really know what I was doing here, but I’m pretty sure there was a large pepperoni pizza directly below me…

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Hope everyone’s having a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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Don’t you dare quit now. – Do you know how long it took me to finally start seeing some noticeable differences in myself? A looooong time, longer than it should have. Lemme tell you why. – When I first started this journey (hate calling it that cuz it’s so cliche sounding, but that’s exactly what it is) I was hungry. And I’m not speaking in terms of hunger for food. I was unhappy with how I looked and how I felt. I wanted to walk around with confidence and feel good with how I looked. I was going to do everything in my power to make a change. – But oh how quick we are to give up, make excuses and find reasons to quit. I would bust my ass in the gym and diet like a maniac for a week or two and I’d look in the mirror and see the exact same dude from a couple weeks ago looking back at me. Seemed like there was little to no change. So, I’d say „screw this, why am I killing myself with diet and training if it’s making so little of a difference“. And I’d quit until the next time I had a little more motivation to start all over. – Left: 280lbs. Working out hard 5-6 days a week at around 2-3 hours per workout. Little/no knowledge of nutrition. Right: 250lbs. Working out hard 5-6 days a week at around 1-1.5 hours per workout. Daily calculated diet to help me reach my goals. It was at this time I FINALLY realized my body was undergoing some serious change. Granted, I made significant changes prior to this photo, but due to my overly self-critical nature, it took me forever to actually notice the positive change. – I’ve come a long ways from then and have learned more about myself and this process than you can probably imagine. DO NOT give up because you aren’t seeing the results you want in a few weeks. You may screw up 500 times, but keep pushing. I can’t even imagine where I’d be now if I hadn’t. – ↘️Let’s make 2017 your year. Let me help YOU.↙️ – ?? www.dannyjonesfitness.com ?? dannyjonesfitness@yahoo.com –

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