Das bärtige Model Killian Belliard macht alle Holzfäller-Träume wahr!

Killian Belliard ist Model, Fitness Coach und auf jeden Fall ein Star auf Instagram. 343 K Follower hat der bärtige Mann und zu seinen Fans zählen u.a. Promis, wie Ricky Martin. Zeit, sich den sexy Typen einmal genauer anzuschauen.

In einer Hütte im Wald die Feiertage verbringen und dann bringt dir ein bärtiger Holzfäller wie Killian Belliard frisch gehacktes Holz, um den Kamin weiter anzuheizen und damit die sexuelle Spannung im Raum. Okay, wach auf, das wird nie passieren und genau deswegen funktionieren diese Instagram Profile ja auch so gut. Sie bringen uns ein kleines Stück einer Illusion, der man sich gerne mal kurz hingeben darf. Auf gehts!

Übrigens ist sein Bart jetzt deutlich kürzen. Finde ich sogar irgendwie besser. Was denkt ihr?

Big truck • III Photographed by @paulfreemanphotographer

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Le barbu musclé ?? (@killian___) am

Big truck • IV Photographed by @paulfreemanphotographer

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Le barbu musclé ?? (@killian___) am

Big truck • I Photographed by @paulfreemanphotographer

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Le barbu musclé ?? (@killian___) am

O P E N B O O K by @pascalpprl

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Le barbu musclé ?? (@killian___) am

Und hier nun mit neuem Bart:


Preview of the Summers of Brothers 1.0. . ✔️The book has now been completed. I wish to thank personally all of you who made this project possible : each and every tipper (whose names are printed in the acknowledgment page of our book), but also @pascalpprl, all the models who are featured in this project, as well as @rondorff for providing us with their beachwear and sportswear. . ?Following this project, a second book — entirely different from the book proposed to the tippers — has been designed and is now available for purchase. This 80 page book, hard-cover, 18×18 in. format, glossy paper, with ten uncensored photographs, is a limited and signed edition. You can already order it by clicking on the following link : http://pascalpprl.bigcartel.com . . * a clickable link is available on @pascalpprl’s bio : do not hesitate to visit his account to access more easily to the site. . ☀️On another (yet not so different) note, Pascal and I wish to repeat the « Summer of Brothers » project in a 2.0 version way more ambitious in terms of logistics and compensation for the tippers. This time, we want to leave the European continent to find heavenlier backgrounds and offer you even more beautiful images. For the compensations, we will now offer the tippers a meet and greet with the models and the photographer during a dinner which we will organize especially in Paris. . ⚠️Lastly, we are very much aware that the Big Book is very expensive for a majority of people and only a few of you have ben able to purchase it for the Version 1.0. This is why we will organize a lottery among all the people who will tip 2€. The winner will receive not the Big Book, but a unique Very Big Book : 200 pages with 50 uncensored photos (double the amount of the Big Book) which will be printed in only one copy for the whole world. . ?More than ever, we need your help for this second project. You will find all the details in the link below : . http://www.tipeee.com/summer-brothers (link in my bio). . Photographer: @pascalpprl Models: @flo_calisthenics @maxime_signorino @bated_jex @clemragel @stephen.dcrx and me.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Le barbu musclé ?? (@killian___) am

Ja, so gehe ich übrigens auch immer in den Supermarkt 😛

Bild: Instagram/killian___